Kern's Food Hall

Kern's Food Hall is Springing Up this April

Kern’s Food Hall is Springing Up this April

Kern’s Food Hall is Springing Up this April

Knoxville, stand ready, the culinary scene is about to get a major shake-up. This spring, Kern’s Food Hall is poised to debut its long-awaited opening. A haven for foodies, families, and millennial diners alike, the hall will offer a smorgasbord of flavors, textures, and experiences from high-quality, local food vendors. With a mix of old favorites and new tastes, this gastronomic adventure is sure to mark a new era in the city’s food culture. Continue reading: Kern’s Food Hall is Springing Up this April.

A Tasting Tour of Vendors at Kern’s Food Hall

The spring opening set for early April promises a taste of what’s to come. Some vendors are still polishing their spaces, while others are ready to unlock their doors and unveil their delectable offerings. Here’s a sneak peek at who you can expect to find during the opening.

Monday Night Brewing Co.

A soon-to-be local favorite, Monday Night Brewing Co. is set to play a central role in the food hall. Managing an impressive five separate venues, Monday Night Brewing is not only about beer but a complete experience for patrons. This includes a 3,000-sq. ft. tasting room with a patio for those who want to soak in the local vibes, a primary bar within the food hall, walk-up counters, rooftop patio bars for the perfect city view, and a small interior bar alongside the performance stage. Combining craft beers with a diverse dining experience, Monday Night Brewing Co. promises to be the perfect spot for a great night out.

Mae Lee’s Boutique

Kristen, the owner of Mae Lee’s Boutique, is not just a business owner, but an emblem of Southern spirit. This lavish shop offers a curated collection of gifts and outfits for all occasions, with a particular nod to Knoxville tailgating ensembles. Kristen’s story reflects a love for her local community and an encroaching need to return to her roots after adventures in Seattle and Savannah. Her boutique’s offerings are a representation of the diverse experiences that have culminated in this moment, weaving together elements from across the country in true Southern style.

Won Kitchen

For those craving hearty and healthy fare imbued with a hopeful spirit, enter Won Kitchen, a concept brought to life by brothers James and Johnny. With a lifelong passion for food, their venture is a culmination of that love for Korean cuisine. The brothers seek to bring the joy and warmth of home-cooked Korean meals to the neighborhood. Their simple yet delicious offerings are set to redefine what comfort food means for residents and visitors who step into the Kern’s Food Hall.

Vella Crew Studio

In addition to our eclectic mix of vendors, we’re excited to introduce Vella Crew Studio to Kern’s Food Hall. A full-service marketing company, Vella Crew will offer a photography and videography studio right in the heart of our food hall. This innovative space is not only for Vella Crew’s creative projects but is also available for booking by other photographers and videographers looking for a professional environment to bring their visions to life. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a creative in search of the perfect shot, Vella Crew Studio provides the resources and ambiance to unlock your creative potential.

Archer Paper Goods

Archer Paper Goods stands as a beacon for those who cherish the tactile feeling of stationery and the personal touch of a handwritten note. Inspired by the precision and focus of archery, this boutique retailer has become a haven for gift-givers, collectors, and anyone in search of that special something that can’t be found just anywhere. Since opening its doors in Atlanta, Georgia, Archer Paper Goods has committed to delivering not just products, but memories and experiences wrapped in the form of greeting cards, art prints, unique quality kids’ toys, and more. Now, as they prepare to open a new chapter at Kern’s Food Hall, Archer Paper Goods promises to continue its tradition of offering boutique gifts and desk supplies that inspire creativity and bring joy to the everyday.

Zukku Sushi

At Kern’s Food Hall, the upcoming opening will be a treat for sushi lovers with the introduction of Zukku Sushi. Here, sushi is not just a meal; it’s an experience that allows you to channel your inner artist. Zukku Sushi offers a unique take on sushi dining, where “the rice is your canvas”, and you’re invited to create your own masterpiece by choosing from rolls, burritos, or bowls, and then adding the freshest, highest quality ingredients. For those not looking to design their own sushi, Zukku also presents a selection of curated specialty rolls, burritos, and bowls, ensuring there’s something for every taste. Perfect for satisfying those inevitable sushi cravings, Zukku Sushi promises to be a highlight of Kern’s Food Hall’s phase 1 opening.

Vol Nail Spa

Next on the list of Kern’s Food Hall treasures is Vol Nail Spa, poised to become South Knoxville’s premier nail salon. Imagine unwinding after a delightful brunch and some shopping with a dose of self-love at Vol Nail Spa. There, you can pamper yourself with a luxurious manicure and pedicure, crafting the quintessence of a girls’ day out. But it’s not just the ladies who are in for a treat; gentlemen can experience their own relaxation with signature “man-icures.” Beyond the serene atmosphere, what truly sets Vol Nail Spa apart is the incredible talent of its nail technicians. Specializing in nail art, they bring creativity and precision to every design, ensuring your nails are nothing short of a masterpiece. Whether you’re looking to indulge yourself or spend quality time with friends, Vol Nail Spa is your destination for beauty and relaxation.

Flourish Flowers

Flourish Flowers invites you to explore the delicate and vibrant world of botanical beauty at Kern’s Food Hall. Here, the philosophy is simple yet profound—flowers are not just decorations, but messengers of emotions and connectors of hearts. The founder of Flourish Flowers believes in the power of these natural wonders to celebrate joy, offer comfort in sorrow, and foster a deeper connection with the people in our lives. Walking into Flourish Flowers is like stepping into a realm where each bloom tells a story, and every arrangement is a piece of art designed to touch the soul. Whether you’re commemorating a special occasion or simply seeking to brighten someone’s day, Flourish Flowers offers the perfect bouquet to convey your feelings and share in the beauty of life’s moments.

Irvey’s Ice Cream

After exploring the delightful offerings at Kern’s Food Hall, make sure to treat yourself to a sweet finale at Irvey’s Ice Cream. From its humble beginnings as an ice cream bike, evolving into a popular food truck, and finally establishing a brick-and-mortar presence within Kern’s, Irvey’s Ice Cream has always been about passion and craftsmanship. This locally-owned business takes pride in creating handcrafted ice cream that brings people together. Each scoop is a testament to their dedication to quality and flavor, making it the perfect dessert spot to complete your culinary adventure at Kern’s. Whether you’re a fan of classic flavors or looking to try something new and exciting, Irvey’s Ice Cream promises a delightful experience that will make your visit to Kern’s even more memorable.

Hey Bear Cafe

Nestled within the vibrant atmosphere of Kern’s Food Hall, Hey Bear Cafe is poised to become a beacon for boba tea enthusiasts in the South Knox community. Already a beloved staple in Knoxville, Hey Bear Cafe’s inclusion in Kern’s brings the joy and excitement of boba right to your doorstep. Here, the choice is yours—to indulge in the classic chewiness of traditional boba, experience the unique burst of popping boba, or savor the creamy richness of milk tea. Perhaps, you’re inclined toward the earthy tones of matcha. Whatever your preference, Hey Bear Cafe is ready to take you on a flavorful adventure. Prepare to “get your sip on” and discover your new favorite boba tea combination in this inviting, effortlessly cool spot.

Awaken Coffee

Joining the eclectic mix of culinary delights at Kern’s Food Hall, Awaken Coffee brings its much-loved coffee experience from the Old City to a vibrant new locale. Known for their masterfully crafted coffee blends, silky lattes, and the distinctively robust chicory cold brew, Awaken Coffee is about more than just caffeine; it’s about creating moments and memories. Each cup invites you to wake up and immerse yourself in a coffee culture where quality and passion are the main ingredients. At Kern’s, Awaken Coffee will continue to serve as a beacon for coffee aficionados and casual drinkers alike, offering the perfect start to your day or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Whether you’re in search of your daily coffee fix or eager to explore unique coffee creations, Awaken Coffee at Kern’s promises an unforgettable experience that will keep you coming back for more.

AVA Italian

Nestled within Kern’s bustling food hall, AVA Italian offers a culinary escape to the heartlands of Italy with its simple yet profoundly flavorful Italian fare. At the heart of AVA’s culinary adventure lies a commitment to freshness and authenticity, with house-cured salami, handmade pasta, and Neapolitan pizzas that bubble and char at the perfect 900 degrees in an authentic Acunto oven. Ava’s embraces the changing seasons, ensuring ingredients are fresh, local, and in harmony with the environment. From the meticulously prepared meals to the homemade desserts, every detail at Ava’s is curated with passion and pride. Whether it’s a casual lunch or a hearty dinner, AVA Italian is more than a meal—it’s a ritual, promising an unmatched experience for those who’ve yet to taste its wonders.

Stay Tuned for a Season of Sensory Delights

With lovely prospects like these, the Kern’s Food Hall spring opening is not just about launching a culinary center—it’s about crafting an experience that celebrates local flavors, businesses, and the community at large. Amidst the bustle of new beginnings and old stories taking new shapes, this spring is sure to be memorable for all those whose palates yearn for adventure.

Prepare your taste buds, Knoxville, the soft opening is just around the corner. Whether you’re a craft beer enthusiast, a fashion-forward local, or someone who finds comfort in fusion cooking, Kern’s Food Hall is ready to welcome you. The food hall’s arrival doesn’t just mark the expansion of dining options in the city; it signifies a union between the past and the future of Knoxville’s culinary landscape. Here’s to anticipation, community, and a table set for all who wish to partake in the rich tapestry of tastes that is soon to make Kern’s Food Hall the new go-to dining destination in the heart of Tennessee.


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