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At Kern’s Food Hall, we are dedicated to being leaders in stewardship – taking care of our surroundings, people, resources, and the environment. We believe in forming partnerships with local businesses, organizations, civic leaders, and neighbors to make a positive impact on our community. Our ultimate goal is to improve both individual and collective well-being.

To achieve this, we are implementing initiatives and hosting programs that empower individuals with knowledge and skills. Through this ripple effect, we aim to promote wellness and sustainability not only in South Knoxville but also beyond. We lead by example and are committed to sharing our experiences with other communities and the real estate industry for the greater good.

To ensure comprehensive coverage of needs and innovative ideas, we have assembled a stewardship council comprised of experts from various disciplines such as community improvement, wellness, and sustainability. This council will collaborate to brainstorm ideas, recommend solutions, and connect resources as part of this ever-evolving initiative.

Our council members include professionals from civic organizations, nonprofits, and private industries who bring diverse expertise to the table.


We are honored to partner with industry-leading product and service providers to bring the very best to Kern’s Food Hall.


Master developer FSRE IV is leading the historic Kern’s Bakery building’s transformation into a modern South Knoxville mixed-use community. Principals Brantley Basinger and Alex Dominguez, with four other business leaders, wield decades of collaborative commercial real estate experience.
Local resident, Tim Martin, TMA Real Estate Brokerage & Consulting, is curating the ideal tenant mix for the food hall. Joey Staats, NCARB, architectural designer, Johnson Architecture, is the lead designer on the bakery building transformation. Robyn McAdoo, Tenant Coordinator, Partners Development Cohen Communications Group
Vella Crew – Digital Media Marketing

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